‘Learning Communities’ Speaker Material

Anthony Ash & Leo Selivan’s talk  –   ‘Converging CPD Communities:  Taking Teacher Development Online’ – slides

Silvia Ballabio’s demonstration  –  ‘Helping SLD Students Appreciate Culture Classes’  – slides

Phil Dexter’s Plenary Session – ‘Ten Top Tips: Mainstreaming and Embedding Inclusion as Good Teaching and Learning Practices’ –  slides

Phil Dexter’s Workshop  –   ‘Autism Is Just a Label!’- slides

Michael Ennis’s talk  –  ‘Integrating Language and Content at the Instructional Level’  –  slides

Enrico Grazzi’s talk  –   ‘e-Textbooks and the Future of School Publishing’ – slides

Michela Gronchi’s demonstration  –  ‘Project Work Meets CLIL at Primary School’  –  slides

Melaney Rockenhaus’s talk  –   ‘Hooked on a Feeling:  Motivating Students to Write’ – slides

Silvia Roma’s poster session  –  ‘Writing a CV Book’ – handout

Giovanna Sanzasono’s workshop  –  ‘Group Lesson and Team Work on Giotto’s Art’ – slides

Jon Wright’s Workshop   –  ‘Simple Activities for Successful CLIL Lessons’ – slides