LICs with an Insight into American Culture and Society

The project was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Italy and organized by TESOL Italy for  teachers working in Italian schools  in  different cities of the country.

From November 2020 to June 2021, nine free Language Improvement Courses (30 hrs each, of different level) were held by ten qualified Teacher Trainers, with the support of the coordinators of TESOL Italy Local Groups: Benevento, Bologna, Gela, L’Aquila, Marche, Messina, Roma, Val d’Adige-Etschtal and Trieste:

  • Course 1 LG Bologna – level  B1 – held by Elizabeth Heather Mugan
  • Course 2 LG L’Aquila – level B1  – held by Loredana Trocchi
  • Course 3 LG Messina – level B2   – held by Costanza Tortora
  • Course 4 LG Roma – level B2 – held by Carroll Mortera
  • Course 5 LG Benevento – level C1- held by Alida Antonietta Lindia
  • Course 6 LG Gela – level C1 – held by Cinzia Ognissanti
  • Course 7 LG Marche – level C1-C2 – held by Sarah M Howell, Lisa Kester-Dodgson
  • Course 8 LG Trieste – level B1 – held by Karoline Jeane Steckley
  • Course 9 LG Val d’Adige-Etschtal – level B2 – held by Jennifer Hill

The courses were held completely online in consideration of the developments of the Covid-19 emergency in 2020 and because Tesol Italy priority is to make sure its actions protect teachers’ safety and help them obtain the fairest outcome possibile.

Moreover in April, three seminars of 2 hrs each, were held by experts on three different aspects of the American culture:

  • “The Dream and the Curse: Bruce Springsteen’s The River” by Alessandro Portelli
  • “Translanguging & Hip Hop: a view from the US” by Lucilla Lopriore
  • “Bob Dylan: In and Out of Time” by Marina Morbiducci

The aim of the project was to offer teachers professional development to improve their linguistic competence in the foreign language with an insight into the American culture and society and through examples of good practices in teaching English online.

Special thanks go to:

Rodney Ford, the Cultural Affairs Officer of the US Embassy in Rome

LICs Coordinator: Maria Rosella Manni (TESOL Italy President 2019-2020)

LICs Commitee: Anna Rosa Iraldo, Carrol Mortera, Daniela Cuccurullo, Enrica Flamini, Lucilla Lopriore, Maria Grazia Maglione.

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