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Due to the outbreak of Covid 19 in our country, everyone is experiencing a difficult time. As EFL teachers and trainers, we face loneliness  and distance learning problems because of the emergency.

Teaching in a time of crisis means being resilient, adaptable and resourceful and TESOL Italy, as a professional development association, has acted to design a series of online free webinars to cater for the needs of teachers and to help them deliver effective teaching and learning outside the classroom in this hard situation.  The first upcoming event will take place on Wed, 8 th  April at 4 p.m. It’s called “Meet and Teach” and will be held by Daniela Cuccurullo, TESOL Italy second vice president and qualified expert in e-learning and digital learning. For the next upcoming webinars and for further information, please visit our website www.tesolitaly.org and follow us on our social media.


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