Call for Papers Form 2014


TESOL Italy’s 39th National Convention

Rome, November 14-15, 2014

Learning Communities logo Content and Language:  Perspectives and Practice

Fostering Inclusive Education

Competencies for New Generations



Please return the Call for Papers (CFPs) form to TESOL Italy no later than June 6th, 2014. You may submit it using one of the following methods:  1) e-mail (, 2) fax (+39) 06.4674.2478, or 3) regular mail (Via Boncompagni 2, 00187 Rome) or you may submit the online version at: In preparing your proposal, please bear the following in mind.

  1. Adapt your presentation either to the convention theme or one of the subthemes.
  2. Submit just one proposal.
  3. Print or type clearly.
  4. Provide all the requested information. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.
  5. Respect word/character limits for title, biodata, abstract and summary especially for online proposal submissions.


  1. TESOL Italy is unable to reimburse speakers for expenses. All presenters are kindly requested to pre-register for the convention and cover required fees (membership and participation fees), thereby establishing membership in TESOL Italy.
  2. All rooms will be equipped with PC and Video Beam. (Preparing back-up materials, in case of technical problems with computers, is recommended).
  3. The time allocated for each presentation is 45 minutes.
  4. Professional/ Biographical background  Please avoid references to personal websites, lists of course-books or other personal commercial activities as they will be removed in the editing phase.


Workshop:  speaker introduces a topic with a mini-lecture, and guides active participation of the audience

Talk:  speaker describes and discusses theoretical/practical issues related to convention themes

Demonstration:  speaker shows how certain materials, techniques etc. can work in a classroom setting

Panel:  three or more speakers present own ideas on an issue followed by a Q&A session with audience

Poster session:  speaker stands by the poster with pictures, charts and/or realia, and shares ideas

Commercial presentation: speaker promotes materials published and advertised at the – Book Exhibition


Please note that TESOL Italy will not accept proposals which do not conform to the above guidelines.

Questions about how to complete the online form? Find your answers here

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