Dorothy Zemach

ZEMACH, Dorothy

Managing Your Digital Life

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Students spend hours online – reading, researching, accessing course sites and study materials, interacting in English. But they aren’t always using their digital time wisely. Without meaning to, they are frittering away minutes and hours, leaving them with the impression that they’ve worked long and hard when they haven’t actually been very productive. If they can’t organize their digital lives effectively, the information they need and the work they’ve done gets buried and then lost. And students aren’t the only ones! With the advent of online and hybrid courses, electronic communication and networking, teachers and other professionals struggle with time management, digital clutter, and evaluating and managing the flow of information. I’ll give you practical advice to streamline your own digital life as well as classroom teaching techniques to help your students manage theirs.

Zemach taught English, French, and Japanese for over 25 years in Asia, Africa, and the US. She holds an MA in TESL from the School for International Training in Vermont, USA. An author of over 20 textbooks, she now concentrates on writing and editing English language teaching materials and conducting teacher training workshops. In 2012, she founded a micropress (visit at that publishes fiction, non-fiction, and educational materials. Her areas of specialty and interest are teaching writing, teaching reading, business English, academic English, testing, and humor. She is a frequent plenary speaker at international conferences, and a blogger for Teacher Talk at Azar Grammar. Her personal website is


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