Sirio Di Giuliomaria Awards 2022

How can ELT teachers encourage learners’ hope for the future promoting respect for human rights and democratic values, fostering positive emotions and empathy, improving oracy skills, and developing social and civic competences?
This year’s edition of the Sirio Di Giuliomaria Award is aimed at empathetic and proactive teachers, who have been able to create in the ELT classroom an emotionally supportive environment in which learners feel safe and motivated to engage and achieve educational success.
To join the Sirio Di Giuliomaria Award, fill out the form writing about your teaching experience (rationale max 500 words) and uploading an audio/video presentation (max 5 mins).
The Award Committee will select the proposal which best fits the award’s objectives and promote HOPE in the ELT classroom.
Full details of the winning proposal will be presented at the opening ceremony of the TESOL Italy 47th Convention and published on TESOL Italy website.
The winner will receive a free membership to TESOL Italy for 2023 and an online course offered by Lewis School of English, Southampton, UK.

The deadline to submit a proposal is November 8 th , 2022.

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