Roma Local Group


Coordinator – Maria Antonietta Ortenzi



Events in 2021

An online event – March 1, 2021  –  Flyer

An online event – February 25, 2021 – Flyer

An online event – February 13, 2021 –  Flyer

An online webinar – February 8, 2021 – Flyer

Events in 2019

An afternoon workshop entitled: Creative Writing Competition Workshop – Be CreA(c)tive for a sustainable future.  December 11, 2019.     Flyer        Program

A seminar entitled: Ideas and materials for preparing students for international certifications. December 4, 2019.    Flyer

Events in 2018

An afternoon seminar entitled:  Creativity can change the world, led by Maria Grazia Maglione, Maria Antonietta Ortensi and Elisabetta Vaccaro on December 13th. Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled:  How to develop effective presentation skills in the classroom, April 19, 2018Flyer  

Events in 2017

An afternoon seminar  From Our Culture History to the Future, December 11, 2017.    Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled eTwinning and the Development of Teachers,  led by Alessandra Cannelli and Maria Rosaria Gismondi on May 30, 2017  –  Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled English in the Workplace led by Ellen Gilberti on April 3, 2017.  Flyer

Events in 2016

Creative Writing Competition 2017 in collaboration with O.U.P. “People on the Move” was presented at TESOL Italy’s 41st National Convention in November. Prize-giving ceremony of the Creative Writing Competition in collaboration with O.U.P. “Be creative with Shakespeare” was held at Liceo Scientifico Teresa Gullace Talotta on Friday May 13th.

Events in 2015

Creative Writing Competition 2016 in collaboration with O.U.P. : “Be Creative with Shakespeare”. The competition was dedicated to Shakespeare to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Events in 2014

An afternoon seminar entitled La certificazione delle competenze led by Maria Luisa Pezzulli – O.U.P., L.S.S. “Primo Levi” (20th Feb). An afternoon seminar entitled Motivating Teenagers: Using Webquests for English Language Learning led by Donatella Fitzgerald – O.U.P. and presentation of the 5th edition of the creative writing competition entitled Save the Earth! led by Maria Grazia Maglione and Maria Antonietta Ortenzi and held at L.S.S. “Primo Levi” (10th Jan) and L.S.S. “Teresa Gullace Talotta” (15 Jan).

Events in 2013

An English Language and Teacher Development Course Creative Writing Competition 2013 in collaboration with O.U.P.: “School is cool”. The topic was chosen to give students the opportunity of expressing their own creativity and writing for pleasure about a crucial topic: school.

Events in 2012

Creative Writing Competition 2012 in collaboration with O.U.P.:”Unification of Italy” to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Unification of Italy. The idea is to see how the new generations face this issue from their own personal experience and point of view.

Events in 2011

A project involving a Creative Writing Competition for students