Palermo Local Group


Coordinator – Ninfa Pagano

 Events in 2014

1 – An afternoon workshop entitled CLIL Projects led by Alessandro Agnetta, Liceo Statale ‘G.A. De Cosmi’, Palermo, 17th October, 2014.

Events in 2013

1 – A seminar entitled English Through Social Networks led by Enrico Grazzi (next October)

2 – A seminar entitled Music in English Language Teaching led by Fergal Kavanagh (next November)

3 – A seminar entitled Literature at Scuola Media and in Biennio Classes led by Silvana Ranzoli

4 – A seminar entitled The Teaching of Literature and the New Reform led by Deborah Ellis

Events in 2012

1 – A seminar entitled Using Music to Enhance Language Teaching led by Fergal Kavanagh

Events in 2011

1 – A TESOL DAY entitled The Teaching of Literature with Eleonora Chiavetta, Enrico Grazzi and Stefano Mochi. View announcement here.

2 – A seminar entitled CLIL: Caring and Sharing led by Irene Ajovalasit


Events in 2010

1 – A seminar entitled Glamour into Grammar led by Simon Marshall (Pilgrims, Canterbury)

2 – A seminar entitled Language Corpora in ELT led by Lucilla Lopriore (Univ. Roma Tre)

3 – A seminar entitled The Use of Wikis in ELT led Enrico Grazzi (Univ. Roma Tre)

4 – A seminar entitled English in Act-ion led by Mark Almond (Pilgrims, Canterbury)