L’Aquila Local Group

Coordinator – Anna Maria Nanni

e-mail: am.nanni@libero.it


Events in 2019

A seminar entitled, Trauma-informed teaching: strategies to support teachers, November 12, 2019        Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled, Global Citizenship and Update on the Esame di Stato in the Scuola Secondaria di II Grado, led by Donatella Fitzgerald on March 7th, 2019. Flyer

Events in 2018

A TESOL Day entitled Exploring the land of words:  CLIL, translation and good practices held on May 12 – 13. Speakers: Calcagni, Del Vecchio, Lopriore, Morbiducci, Morozzo, Ranzoli. Poster

Events in 2016

An afternoon seminar entitled The Importance of Reading in the 21st Century, led by Christopher Gritton on April 12th, 2016.

A  40-hour language improvement course for teachers held from January through June 2016.

Events in 2015

An afternoon seminar entitled E-Library USA! led by Holly Marten and sponsored by the US Embassy in Rome, May 21, 2015. Flyer

Events in 2014

1 – A seminar entitled Pragmatics: Teaching Natural Conversation led by Donna Tatsuki , C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri” (27th March)

2 – A seminar entitled Uso delle tecnologie nell’insegnamento-apprendimento delle lingue e Co-operative Learning led by Cinzia Caroselli, C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri”  (1st April)

3 – A seminar entitled Il libro nella nuvola – Piattaforme digitali per l’insegnamento della lingua inglese led by Roberto Maccarrone and Chris Evans – Zanichelli, Libreria Maccarrone (8th April)

4 – A seminar in collaboration with Rome Local Group entitled CLILove: why students and teachers like CLIL. Sharing ideas and experiences led by Maria Grazia Maglione and Maria Antonietta Ortenzi, C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri”  (15th April)

Events in 2013

1 – A seminar entitled Motivating Digital Learners 21st Century Skills in the English Classroom led by Christopher Gritton – O.U.P. (next October)

2 – A seminar entitled Learning for Tomorrow: Applying traditional and digital approaches to modern language teaching led by Andrew Howarth – Delta CambESOL (next November)

3 – A seminar entitled Cooperative Project Planning for the EFL Class led by Annarosa Iraldo

4 – A seminar entitled English as a Global Language: Opening Scenarios led by Marina Morbiducci

5 – A seminar entitled Creative Writing: Techniques and Activities for the Classroom led by Beth Ann Boyle

6 – A TESOL Day entitled Merging Minds with Silvana Ranzoli and Liliana Landolfi. View Flyer and Poster here.

Events in 2012

1 – A seminar entitled Motivation and Achievement in Language Learning led by Lucilla Lopriore

2 – A seminar entitled Assessment and Evaluation in Language Teaching led by Lucilla Lopriore

3 – A TESOL Day entitled Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Language Instruction led by Dr. Janet Zadina, Ph.D. View Flyer and Poster here.

4 – A seminar entitled The Use of Wikis in the English Classroom: Best Practices and Tips for Teachers led by Enrico Grazzi

Events in 2011

1 – A seminar entitled Cowboys and Indians led by Manuela Medoro

2 – A seminar entitled Fun with Phrasal Verbs led by Janet Bianchini

3 – A seminar entitled Salvare la Memoria led by Giordano Dall’Armellina

4 – A seminar entitled Good Things Will Happen  in ELT Classrooms led by Longman

5 – A seminar entitled Teaching CLIL Through REALIA led by Manuela Medoro

6 – A seminar entitled Multimedia for Learning Methods and Development led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers

7 – A seminar entitled Wikis: How to Set Them up, Use Them and Benefit from Them led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers

8 – A seminar entitled Web 2.0:  New Tools, New Schools led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers