Benevento Local Group

Coordinator - Maria Antonietta Sessa

Former coordinator - Anna Mazzeo


Online Event - May 14, 2021 -  Flyer    -   Abstract & Biodata

Online Event - April 30, 2021  -  Flyer

Online Event -  April 9, 2021   -  Flyer

Online Event - March 5, 2021  -  flyer

Online Event  -  February 24, 2021  -  flyer

Online Event  -  February 12, 2021  -  flyer

Online Event  -  January 28, 2021  -  Flyer


An event entitled, TESOL English happy hour, February 27, 2020 Flyer

A seminar entitled, Learning to listen for Invalsi and certification, November 8, 2019.    Flyer

An event entitled, TESOL English happy hour, October 29, 2019.     Flyer

An afternoon workshop entitled, The Way We Were — The Way We Are, facilitated by Erricoberto Pepicelli on April 10th. Flyer

An afternoon online seminar entitled,  CLIL made easy, CLIL TEDEd led by Maria Antonietta Sessa, on April 1,  2019.  flyer

An afternoon workshop entitled, Testing:  A Fun Effective Classroom Engagement, facilitated by Angela Maria Vitale on March 6th, 2019.  Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled Improving Listening Skills for INVALSI 2019 on February 8th and led by Elisabetta Di Meglio. Flyer

An evening movie (The Happy Prince) and workshop with the English Film Club entitled A New Fun Way to Brush up your English through Movies on February 4. Flyer

An afternoon workshop entitled:  US American education system and opportunities for Italian students, led by Emilio Fonzo on December 6, 2018. Flyer
An afternoon seminar entitled:  INVALSI, esame di stato, and EFL certification for SSSG, led by Richard Stuart Harrison on October 19, 2018. Flyer
An afternoon seminar/workshop entitled:  Augmented reality with Blippar – Follow up led by Maria Antonietta Sessa on  May 7, 2018.  Flyer
An afternoon seminar entitled, Borderlands:  The ‘frontier’ of southwest America and Chican literature  on April 17, 2018.   Flyer
An afternoon seminar entitled, Gamification:  ELT to Digital Native Students Using Digital Tools on April 11, 2018.   Flyer
An afternoon workshop entitled Blended learning, flipped classroom and virtual environment on March 27, 2018.  – Flyer
An afternoon workshop entitled Let’s augment students’ reality with Blippar, on January 26, 2018. – Flyer
An afternoon workshop entitled CLIL + Amazing minds, January 16, 2018. –  Flyer

An afternoon workshop entitled Edorable:  the e-learning planet, 25 May, 2017  –  facilitated by Maria Antonietta Sessa – Flyer

An afternoon seminar entitled British vs American English,  April 20th, 2017  – led by Genna Scarano.  Flyer

A seminar entitled A Night at the Museum with Augmented Reality,  May 19, 2016 – flyer

A seminar entitled The British Experience, March 4, 2016 – flyer

An afternoon workshop entitled New Pathways in Teaching Literature – The Flipped Classroom, led by Giuseppe Balirano on February 12, 2016. Download flyer here.

An afternoon workshop entitled Oxford Academy:  Dictionary Skills, led by Owen O’Neill on December 4, 2015 – Download flyer here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Augmented Reality: How to Turn Boring Paper Brochures into Energetic Interactive Multimedia Presentations, led by Maria Antonietta Sessa on April 29, 2015 – Download flyer here!

An afternoon workshop entitled Successful CLIL in you Classroom, led by Julia Reid on March 5, 2015 – Download flyer here.

A workshop entitled Language learning through other  subjects: practical classroom activities  for language and content Teachers in collaboration with Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment led by Emily Gregson and Simon Lind, Liceo Guacci, Benevento, 12th November

An afternoon seminar entitled Flipped Classroom plus Prezi Presentation led by M. Antonietta Sessa, Aula Magna “Pasquale Russo”  – I.I.S. “Galilei- Vetrone”, 16th October

An afternoon seminar entitled The Importance of Reading in the 21st Century led by Nina Prentice and Jules Reid – (8th Apr.). Download poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Motivating Digital Learners led by Jules Reid – O.U.P. (19th Feb.). Download poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Australia loves Italy: Australian Identity in a Multicultural Country led by Maria Rosaria De Toma and Marina Ricci (23rd Oct.). Download flyer here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Intonation and Pronunciation led by Lauren Tavner – Pearson / Longman (19th Sept.)

An afternoon seminar entitled Poems and Songs: Messages, Links, Creativity led by Gennaro Compagnone

An afternoon seminar entitled Brain Fitness led by Maria Antonietta Sessa.  Download Poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Eight Competencies led by Lauren Tavner.

An afternoon seminar entitled Intonation and Pronunciation led by Lauren Tavner. Download Poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled Reading and Listening Tips for Cambridge FCE led by Thomas Geraint.

An afternoon seminar entitled Multimodality: Modes and Media of Communication led by Carmina Meola.  View poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled E-Library USA led by Karen Hartman. View poster here.

An afternoon seminar entitled The Way We Were  and the Way We Are led by Maria Antonietta Sessa. View poster here.

5 – An afternoon seminar entitled English for Success led by Erricoberto Pepicelli and Elena Intorcia. View poster here.