Lindsay Warwick​


Lindsay Warwick is a teacher, trainer and materials writer based in the UK, with more than twenty years’ experience of teaching teenagers and adults, and fifteen years’ experience of training new and experienced teachers. She is co-author of Pearson’s new exam course Formula, as well as Roadmap, Gold Experience, Gold, and Expert. She is also co-creator and co-lead educator of the award-winning Teaching English Online course on Future Learn.


Remote learning: where do we go from here?

Since early 2020, teachers around the world have risen to the challenge of using new technology, often with little or no training, to teach their classes remotely. While not all teachers have taken to this new way of working, for all it has been an opportunity to develop new skills and gain a greater understanding of the benefits and challenges of using technology in education. So, what happens when we are able to return freely to our face-to-face classrooms with no disruptions? Do we return to our face-to-face classrooms and continue working as we did before the pandemic? Do we blend all of our courses to some degree? And does hybrid learning have a place? In this session, I’ll reflect on the benefits and challenges of all of these things, and suggest principled ways that we can move forward to ensure that the teaching we offer is effective and maximises learning.