Kathleen Graves

Kathleen Graves is Clinical Professor Emerita of Education at the University of Michigan in the United States.  Her research and publications focus on how a language curriculum is designed and enacted, the role of materials in curriculum and teacher education, and teachers’ engagement in curriculum renewal.  She is the co-author of two global ELT coursebook series, East West and Icon, the editor/author of three books on language curriculum development, and series editor for TESOL’s Language Curriculum Development series.  Recent books are International perspectives on materials in ELT (with Sue Garton) and Teacher development over time (with Tessa Woodward and Donald Freeman)

Disrupting the language curriculum

In this talk we will explore two ways of disrupting the curriculum, using the lens of four dimensions of curriculum: the intended, the enacted, the assessed and the hidden curriculum. The first way is how our notions of a language curriculum can be disrupted through external

forces such as the pandemic, which has greatly impacted the enacted and assessed curriculum.  It has also revealed a hidden curriculum related to accessibility and participation. The second is how we can disrupt the status quo curriculum by exploring and challenging our assumptions about what students need, how they learn and how to document that learning.  For example, using translanguaging practices to support learning disrupts a hidden curriculum related to language prestige, standardization, and learner identity. We will focus particularly on the role of the teacher as the link between the four dimensions.