Jeffrey Fowler


Jeff Fowler has been a teacher, teacher-trainer and academic manger with the British Council in Colombia and Italy since 1997. He has been part of a team leading on the British Council Italy response to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic.


How does your experience of the disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic compare to other teachers, teacher educators and Ministries of Education around the world? In this talk, I will share findings from unique research carried out by the British Council with 52 Ministries of Education, and a survey of the needs of almost 10,000 teachers and teacher educators. I will go on to highlight some of the resources created and published on our TeachingEnglish website in response, which continue to be of great relevance to teachers working remotely. Finally, I will turn closer to home and discuss how British Council Italy has sought to create opportunities amidst the challenges.