L’Aquila Local Group

Coordinator – Anna Maria Nanni

Events in 2016

An afternoon seminar entitled The Importance of Reading in the 21st Century, led by Christopher Gritton on April 12th, 2016.

A  40-hour language improvement course for teachers held from January through June 2016.

Events in 2015

An afternoon seminar entitled E-Library USA! led by Holly Marten and sponsored by the US Embassy in Rome, May 21, 2015. Flyer

Events in 2014

1 – A seminar entitled Pragmatics: Teaching Natural Conversation led by Donna Tatsuki , C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri” (27th March)

2 – A seminar entitled Uso delle tecnologie nell’insegnamento-apprendimento delle lingue e Co-operative Learning led by Cinzia Caroselli, C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri”  (1st April)

3 – A seminar entitled Il libro nella nuvola – Piattaforme digitali per l’insegnamento della lingua inglese led by Roberto Maccarrone and Chris Evans – Zanichelli, Libreria Maccarrone (8th April)

4 – A seminar in collaboration with Rome Local Group entitled CLILove: why students and teachers like CLIL. Sharing ideas and experiences led by Maria Grazia Maglione and Maria Antonietta Ortenzi, C.R.T.  Scuola Secondaria di 1° grado “Dante Alighieri”  (15th April)

Events in 2013

1 – A seminar entitled Motivating Digital Learners 21st Century Skills in the English Classroom led by Christopher Gritton – O.U.P. (next October)

2 – A seminar entitled Learning for Tomorrow: Applying traditional and digital approaches to modern language teaching led by Andrew Howarth – Delta CambESOL (next November)

3 – A seminar entitled Cooperative Project Planning for the EFL Class led by Annarosa Iraldo

4 – A seminar entitled English as a Global Language: Opening Scenarios led by Marina Morbiducci

5 – A seminar entitled Creative Writing: Techniques and Activities for the Classroom led by Beth Ann Boyle

6 – A TESOL Day entitled Merging Minds with Silvana Ranzoli and Liliana Landolfi. View Flyer and Poster here.

Events in 2012

1 – A seminar entitled Motivation and Achievement in Language Learning led by Lucilla Lopriore

2 – A seminar entitled Assessment and Evaluation in Language Teaching led by Lucilla Lopriore

3 – A TESOL Day entitled Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Language Instruction led by Dr. Janet Zadina, Ph.D. View Flyer and Poster here.

4 – A seminar entitled The Use of Wikis in the English Classroom: Best Practices and Tips for Teachers led by Enrico Grazzi

Events in 2011

1 – A seminar entitled Cowboys and Indians led by Manuela Medoro

2 – A seminar entitled Fun with Phrasal Verbs led by Janet Bianchini

3 – A seminar entitled Salvare la Memoria led by Giordano Dall’Armellina

4 – A seminar entitled Good Things Will Happen  in ELT Classrooms led by Longman

5 – A seminar entitled Teaching CLIL Through REALIA led by Manuela Medoro

6 – A seminar entitled Multimedia for Learning Methods and Development led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers

7 – A seminar entitled Wikis: How to Set Them up, Use Them and Benefit from Them led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers

8 – A seminar entitled Web 2.0:  New Tools, New Schools led by L’Aquila Local Group teachers