TESOL Virtual Seminars and Online Courses

2 ottobre 2016–29 ottobre 2017 giorno intero
TESOL offers numerous virtual seminars and a growing number of online courses and workshops to help busy TESOL professionals develop leadership skills, improve core competencies, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the dynamic field of English language teaching and learning. For more information about TESOL virtual seminars and online courses, please contact  TESOL Professional Learning. –

Online Courses


These courses offer ​you an online classroom environment with peer-to-peer exchange and instructor feedback. Registration deadlines can be found on each course’s webpage.


These courses offer you a self-paced, individualized learning experience. You can register ​at a time that best fits your schedule.

TESOL Virtual Seminars

TESOL virtual seminars are 90- to 120-minute Webcasts focused on key issues in ESL and EFL. The seminars are easy to access online from your home or office, as a live event or using the playback feature, when it fits your schedule. You can also extend peer-to-peer learning by bringing together ELT professionals in your school or area for the seminar at no extra charge (registration is on a per site basis).

Upcoming Virtual Seminars

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