Creativity can change the world

13 Dicembre 2018@14:30–18:30
Liceo Scientifico Teresa Gullace Talotta
Piazza Cavalieri del Lavoro
18 Roma
Maria Antonietta Ortenzi

TESOL Italy Rome Local Group 

kindly invites you to their seminar 

Creativity can change the world

Speakers: Maria Grazia Maglione M. Antonietta Ortenzi Elisabetta Vaccaro

The seminar is focused on how creativity is what has propelled us forward as a species – it expands our world and brings us new ideas, inventions and discoveries. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Furthermore, in the revised Bloom’s taxonomy “creating” is on top of the pyramid and in the framework for 21st century learning is among the skills students need to succeed in work, life and citizenship.

In the seminar we will reflect on how to encourage students to develop their creativity and engage them in meaningful activities.

The creative writing competition, which is  aimed at  students of primary, middle and secondary schools including students with special educational needs and learning difficulties, encourages creativity and self-expression,  helps develop autonomy as well as cross-curricular skills and presentation skills. Also it gives the opportunity to develop CLIL connections.


The deadline for pre-registration is 12th December 2018

(È possibile iscriversi alla piattaforma SOFIA e inviare i dati a


Maria Antonietta Ortenzi, Rome Local Group coordinator:


Creative Writing Workshop 13 Dec programme

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